I became a financial writer after working in investment banking in London.  Since then I’ve written on average 200 financial and business articles a year and reported from places such as Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, USA and a variety of countries throughout Europe.

Having a financial background has been a real advantage. It has meant that when writing economic analysis, company reports, interviewing senior business people or trying to see through creatively prepared company accounts I had a competitive edge.

However, the most important consideration is always my audience. Most of what I write is about demystifying jargon and financial-speak for the ordinary reader.

But having a financial background is also an asset in other ways. It’s meant that I could do more than just write.

  • I media train people who want to relate better to the financial and business press.
  • My interviewing and analytical skills enable me to work on qualitative market research assignments.
  • Financial training: I provide professional training in various forms of trade finance for banks and other financial institutions.
  • And last but not least, I act as an expert witness in financial fraud and banking instrument litigation cases.

In the end everything links together. What I learn from one activity is valuable for another. And as, like it or not, we all need money in our lives, that is why I spend most of my time writing about money in all its forms for a wide variety of different audiences.

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