Jargon beginning with: a

A Forfait: See 'Forfaiting'.

ABS: Asset backed security

Acceptance: Applied to a Bill of Exchange, the person owing the debt signs or "accepts" the bill thereby acknowledging their indebtedness as evidenced by the bill.

Acceptor: A debtor who signs a Bill of Exchange acknowledging or accepting his obligation to pay.

ADR: See 'American Depositary Receipt'.

Advance fee fraud: A form of financial fraud involving the payment of fees to intermediaries who promise to advance substantial sums of money. The fees, which are often small in proportion to the sums offered, are paid in advance of the transaction being completed. The victim usually never receives the sum promised.

Advance payment guarantee: Issued by banks on behalf of their clients in the context of a large construction projects or export sales contract. The bank undertakes to repay an up-front payment that the client has received in the event that the client does not fulfil the terms of its contract.

Advise: To notify the Beneficiary of Documentary Credit that it has been Opened in his favour.

Advising bank: A bank that sends a Letter of Credit to a Beneficiary on behalf of the Issuing Bank advising it that the Credit has been opened in its favour..

Agency fee: An annual fee payable to an agent or lead bank in a syndicated loan transaction for managing the loan and its lenders throughout the life of the transaction.

Agent bank: A bank that leads, structures or manages certain types of loan and other transaction, often for a Syndicate of other lenders.

AIFMD: Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive - a piece of European legislation aimed at regulating alternative investment funds such as hedge funds, private equity funds and property funds. It was approved by the European Parliament and the European Commission in November 2010 and is expected to take effect in early 2013

AIM: Alternative Investment Market - the smaller companies market of the London Stock Exchange.

Air waybill: A document used to evidence air transport of cargo. It is a confirmation that goods have been accepted for carriage

All risks insurance: Insurance cover for goods during transportation.

Allongement: A piece of paper attached to a Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note allowing further space for stamps and Endorsements to be added.

Amendment: A change to the terms of a Documentary Credit agreed and accepted by the parties to the credit.

American depositary receipt: Receipt for shares issued by a foreign company and held by a bank in the United States. ADRs may be listed on a stock exchange in the US enabling US investors to invest in the shares of foreign corporations.

Asset backed security: An ABS is a security or bond which is based upon or backed by underlying assets such as loans, leasing receivables or credit card debt.

AWB: See 'Air Way Bill'.