Jargon beginning with: d

D / A: See 'Documents Against Acceptance'.

D / P: See 'Documents Against Payment'.

DACON: Data on Consulting Firms. A database complied by the World Bank.

Dark pools: Dark pools or dark pool liquidity are large trades of securities conducted outside public exchanges. They may involve investment banks and the identities of the counterparties are not made public.

DAX: Deutsche Aktien, the index of the largest companies listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

DBFO: Design, build, finance and operate. A structure used to finance revenue-driven projects.

Delivered: A delivery term under which the seller prices his goods to include all costs including cost, insurance and freight, import duties and any other expenses up to the place where the buyers takes delivery, such as his works or warehouse. Refer to 'Incoterms' for standard definition.

Derivative: A financial structure such as a future or and option which derives from another financial asset. Thus for example equity derivatives derive from underlying equities.

Disaggio: A subsidy used to balance the prices in an exchange of goods. Often used in countertrade transactions.

Discount: To pay cash today for the benefit of receiving cashflows due for payment at a future time.

Discount to Yield: A method by which a future cashflow is discounted to a present value figure. By using a discount to yield an investor can calculate what the total return on his investment will be.

Discrepancy: When a document presented under a Letter of Credit does not conform to its terms.

Documentary Collection: See 'Collection'.

Documentary Credit: See 'Letter of Credit'.

Documents Against Acceptance (D / A): An arrangement by which a bank forwards shipping documents provided by a seller to an overseas bank for collection by the buyer. The documents will be released against Acceptance of a Bill of Exchange which will fall due for payment at a latter date.

Documents Against Payment (D / P): See 'Collection'.

Draft: A Bill of Exchange. A bank draft is a form of cheque issued by a bank.

Drawdown: Drawing made by a borrower under a loan facility. Used as both a noun and a verb.

Drawee: The party to a Bill of Exchange from whom payment will be due in the future and on whom the Bill is drawn. Also known as the Acceptor.

Drawer: The party to a Bill of Exchange to whom payment will be due and who draws the Bill.

DTB: Deutsche Terminbörse former name of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange now named Eurex.