Jargon beginning with: m

Maastricht Treaty: The Treaty on European Union which amended the Treaty of Rome. The Maastricht Treaty established key criteria which member countries needed to achieve in order to be eligible for EMU.

Management Fee or Commission: Payable to a bank for arranging a loan facility or structuring a transaction. It is usually payable before or shortly after funds are drawn. M&A Mergers & acquisitions.

MAS: Monetary Authority of Singapore - Singapore's central bank

Match Funding: Where a bank arranges its own funding arrangements to match exactly the future repayment(s) under a loan or other lending transaction.

MATIF: Marché à Terme International de France.

Maturity Date: The date on which loan or a discounted cashflow falls due for payment.

Mediocredito Centrale: Istituto Centrale per il Credito a Medio Termine. A former Italian medium term lending institution which, among other things, was the part of the Italian state export credit system responsible for paying interest rate subsidies. In particular it was well-known for paying such subsidies in the context of forfaiting transactions arising from Italian exports. It was replaced by SIMEST - Società Italiana per le Imprese all'Estero

Mercosur: A South American free trade area comprising Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

MIFID: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive - a piece of European legislation to regulate and improve the marketing of financial instruments to investors.

MIGA: The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency a division of the World Bank which provides guarantees to support foreign investment in developing countries.

Mixed Credit: A credit package, typically assembled in support of exports from a wealthy country to a less developed one, which may incorporate elements of Export Credits, Soft Loans, Grant Aid etc.

MSCI: Morgan Stanley Capital International.

MTN: Medium Term Note.

Multilaterals: International agencies such as the World Bank set up to assist less developed countries.